If you’re reading this page it’s because we all share a deep passion for music and its reproduction. Like you, we follow the audiophile way; take what’s there and make it better.

I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together
— The Beatles

You might be a skilled DIYer or someone who’s comfortable around a hot soldering iron who wants better, more transparent, more engaging results. You may not want to get anywhere near a soldering iron; Supreme Sound Op-Amps can be snapped in place. You might also be a manufacturer looking to unlock the sound from a great design limited by its commercial-grade op-amps.

Supreme Sound Premium Audio Components is here for you. We all want the same thing, to feel the music rather than just hear it. Burson is convinced that listening to music is an engaging conversation, not a lecture, and that’s how we design all our components.