Tiny But Mighty

The Lycan is first and foremost a powerful and detailed headphone amplifier which comes fully assembled and ready to play.  With roughly the same footprint as a smartphone, it is a Pure class-A and fully discrete design outputting 2.2 watts (2200mW) per channel into 16 ohms. 

It has a 60W power supply and 8800uf  of power caps ensuring plenty of head-room regardless of the impedance and sensitivity of the headphones. Through this reference class headphone amplifier, you will hear the finest details and greatest dynamics in your music. 

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Affordable Priced Quality Build

Starting from only 249USD the Lycan is built to the same exact standards as all Supreme Sound and Burson Audio products. Gold plated headphone jacks, Dale resistors, Slimic II Caps and more, the Lycan is built to last a life-time.

At $299 USD, the Lycan is added with the best audio opamp in the world.  The Supreme Sound Audio Op-amp.


Fun & Easy Op-amp Rolling

Op-amp rolling is very popular among audiophiles and the Lycan encourages that tradition.  The sonic characteristic of the Lycan changes when different opamps are used.  Its open frame design and gold plated DIP socket make op-amp rolling with the Lycan fun and easy.  

Through op-amp rolling, your Lycan will evolve with and adopt to your ever changing music and listening preference.  


American Lycan (Assembled in Southern California, USA)

We have commissioned JMP Electronic in Tustin, Southern California to assemble all Lycans supplied to the North American region.  JMP Electronics and its team of engineers have over two decades of experience in the manufacturing of hi end audio products and they have certainly given their Lycans an American touch. 

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