Device modified: Marantz cd 63 MKII KI

Things done prior to installation of Burson Op-amp: Replaced stock clock with valab low jitter clock and tentlabs clock psu. Bypassed HDAM and Headphone circuit. Replaced output caps with wima 3.3uf film caps. Replaced stock RCA sockets with new ones (separate holes drilled). Replaced c605 and c606 with 1000pf philips caps.
Burson modules were installed in i/v and filter stages where stock units were jrc 2114 opamp ics (2Nos). Installed on 14 jan 15

Evaluation: I already had Shiv Chander’s (next to my state in India) Lf03 discrete opamps installed in my player for about 4/5 months. Comparing with these, in the early first hour listening I felt that BSSO had a very very slight lack of focus on lower mids (I should say warmth). I think it is because of burn in. Burson had a stunning micro details and very very sweet highs. Planning to upgrade voltage regulators (7812, 7912, 7805)

Saralaprasannan P P